The most affordable media database in the world.

Get instant access to over 200,000 journalist contacts from 40 countries, for just $1/day.

“Jona is an affordable solution...

for DIY PR. Their list quality is high compared to alternatives and the pricing will save you time (and money) than trying to compile the list yourself.”

Hiten Shah
Co-Founder, FYI, Nira and KissMetrics

“Jona delivered fast...

and even created a new industry specific list at my request. Overall, I was very satisfied. “

Dustin Ianotti
Founder, Artisans on Fire

“We purchased a few of Jona's media lists...

...and they're working phenomenally. We have meetings with Vox, Washington Post and the WSJ after using the lists. “

Tommy Griffith
Co-Founder, ClickMinded

Most Affordable, Most Reliable

Compared to other media database solutions, Jona is more affordable, and its AI-based system ensures all contacts are always fully updated - so it's significantly more reliable too!


$365 /year

Jona Pro

(AI-powered, auto-updated contacts)

  • 200,000+ contacts
  • 1600+ curated lists
  • On-demand Lists
  • Emails verified daily
  • 4000 contacts/month

$2300 /year


  • 500,000+ contacts
  • No curated lists
  • No on-demand lists
  • No daily email verification
  • 1000 contacts/month

$5000 /year


  • 500,000+ contacts
  • No curated lists
  • No on-demand lists
  • No daily email verification
  • 1000 contacts/month

$7200 /year


  • 500,000+ contacts
  • No curated listss
  • No on-demand lists
  • No daily email verification
  • 1500 contacts/month

How Jona Works


Choose a list

Explore our media lists and find the best one for your business.


Get to the right inbox

Warm up journalists using your newly- acquired list.



With the right jounralists receiving your story, enjoy your media coverage!

Who is jona for?


PR Professionals

Whether you're working in a larger team or as a freelancer, Jona Pro is a is a vital add-on to your PR career, giving you access to new opportunities instantly without burning a hole in your pocket.



From product launches to founder features, startup PR is a task that Jona Pro handles extremely well.

Our databases have worked for over 100+ startups time and again.


PR Agencies

PR Agencies and their professionals require a large, yet specific media database.

Jona Pro covers over 40 countries, with over 50+ specific niches in each of them, ranging from Fashion to Finance and Tech to Travel.

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