Top NA Journalists and Reporters - 2021

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This list contains over 5 journalists covering FinTech in NA.

Top Journalists for FinTech in NA

  1. Denis Omelchenko
  2. Desmond O'Flynn
  3. joakimbook
  4. Ulric Rindebro
  5. Joel Koh
Updated: 2hrs ago
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This list contains over 6 journalists covering SaaS in NA.

Top Journalists for SaaS in NA

  1. Joe Keeley
  2. Micah Lee
  3. Alice Jane
  4. Bandita Awasthi
  5. David Heaney
Updated: 2hrs ago
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This list contains over 10 journalists covering Mobile Apps in NA.

Top Journalists for Mobile Apps in NA

  1. Andy Meek
  2. Emil Protalinski
  3. Federico Viticci
  4. Tom Westrick
  5. Melissa Holt
Updated: 2hrs ago
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