Top Lifestyle Journalists and Reporters - 2021

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This list contains over 175 journalists covering Lifestyle in USA.

Top Journalists for USA in Lifestyle

  1. Dahvi Shira
  2. Jacqueline Gifford
  3. Tugba Yazici
  4. Anita George
  5. TT Tu
Updated: 2hrs ago
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This list contains over 70 journalists covering Lifestyle in United Kingdom.

Top Journalists for United Kingdom in Lifestyle

  1. Serge Debrebant
  2. Heike Schnell
  3. Vanessa Donkoh
  4. Emma Deshpande
  5. Tolani Shoneye
Updated: 2hrs ago
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This list contains over 33 journalists covering Lifestyle in Australia.

Top Journalists for Australia in Lifestyle

  1. Amy Clark
  2. Jenner Deal
  3. Shannon Ashley
  4. Emma Gillman
  5. The Conversation
Updated: 2hrs ago
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This list contains over 19 journalists covering Lifestyle in Canada.

Top Journalists for Canada in Lifestyle

  1. Wing Sze Tang
  2. Chloe Tejada
  3. Arti Patel
  4. Dani-Elle Dubé
  5. Katie Scott
Updated: 2hrs ago
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This list contains over 8 journalists covering Lifestyle in India.

Top Journalists for India in Lifestyle

  1. Noma Nazish
  2. Sonal Kalra
  3. Plavaneeta Borah
  4. Prerna Makhija
Updated: 2hrs ago
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