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Tim Schiesser

Media: Hardware Unboxed

Tim Schiesser is a Features Editor and Reviewer for TechSpot. Always fascinated by technology, that led Tim to pursue an Electrical Engineering degree and start reviewing tech products, something he's been doing for almost a decade. He started building and tinkering with PCs, but by the time Androi…

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Luke Plunkett

Media: Kotaku

Luke Plunkett is a senior editor at Kotaku

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Angus Kidman

Media: The Sydney Morning Herald

Adam Turner is an award-winning Australian technology journalist with a passion for gadgets.

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Angus Kidman


Angus is the Editor-in-Chief at He's been writing about technology, finance, travel and other topics for more than 20 years, and appears regularly on TV and radio helping explain how it all works.

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Ramish Zafar

Media: Wccftech

Ramish joined Wccftech in 2014 and since then has covered leaks and reports for high-end gadgets. Additionally, he is also tasked with covering earnings releases of Apple and Alphabet.

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