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Jona considers data privacy and security as the foundational pillar of its operations. Our data policy below clarifies how we source, maintain and use our data.

Whether you're a journalist or a PR professional looking for answers about our listed data's security and compliance, this documentation seeks to address all data-related concerns through our rigid Data Policy.

About This Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice ("Privacy Notice") is for individuals who would like to review, modify, restrict or take ownership of the information that Jona may have about them, explains how Jona collects and safeguards that information and how our Customers use that information. If at any time you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Notice or the services provided by Jona, please contact us at

Privacy About
Privacy About

An Overview of jona

Jona's purpose is to facilitate the important relationship between journalists and public relations professionals and stop PR spam.

Like you, we want to see journalism thrive; that's why we're committed to promoting and helping journalists succeed in today' media landscape.

With technology and our team of experts, Jona aggregates information from a variety of sources (like data available on the Internet that's indexable by any search engine like Google). Our goal is to give Customers and journalists the tools they need to build more valuable connections and promote the impact and importance of news and journalism.

Using Jona as a Journalist

Over the course of your career as a journalist, you’ll likely write thousands of articles for dozens of publications. You could manually track down those outlets, search for your links, check to make sure they’re still valid, and then create and continually update an online portfolio of your work. Or you can let Jona do the heavy lifting for you and get you pitches relevant to your specific field.

Our technology discovers newly published articles and automatically assigns those articles to your profile. We keep your portfolio up-to-date and safe while enabling you to customize your profile so that you’ll get more relevant pitches and other journalists will be able to easily find your work.

A thriving journalism community is important to us, and we want to support the journalists who make that possible.

You can choose to hide your profile entirely or remove specific information included there. If you would like us to remove the profile Jona maintains for your from our platform or inform us of any changes, please contact us at and provide a link to your profile.

Privacy About
Privacy About

How communication Profession Use Jona

Communications professionals can help journalists locate a source, uncover never before seen data, and offer resources for producing news that our world needs to know.

Because of how legacy media databases and platforms have been built, in the past, communications professionals have been forced to work with outdated, broad information about what a journalist covers. This results in errant emails, event invites for cities you're nowhere near and a host of people trying to contact you with news that you likely won't cover.

With Jona, communications professionals use our industry-leading data engine to find journalists based on the articles they've written and other information published publicly.

In all cases, our goal is to give Customers and journalists the tools they need to build more valuable connections and promote the impact and importance of news and journalism.

Controlling Your Jona Profile

You may access, edit, or restrict the personal data in the profile Jona maintains for you from any country in the world. We may ask to verify your identity using your email or social media accounts before taking action on your request. If you ask us to delete or erase your data, we may still have to retain certain data about you only to ensure that your personal data does not re-enter our system and to protect your rights. Specifically, we will mark your Personal Data to ensure your data is no longer used in a profile that Jona maintains.

To explore these options, please write to

Privacy About
Privacy About

Personal Information On Jona

How Do We Collect Personal Information?

The personal information (also commonly referred to as personal data, personally identifiable information, or PII) we store is collected in an effort to facilitate the relationship between our Customers and you. Except for publicly available information or as otherwise described in this Privacy Notice, the personal information provided by Jona is collected directly from you.

Personal information may appear on your profile maintained by Jona if you have put that information in the public domain yourself (for example, by writing an article, making a public post on social media, or from other sources that provide such information).

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What Personal Information Do We Collect?

We do not maintain any sensitive personal information about you (such as information about your race or ethnicity, religious or philosophical beliefs, sex life, sexual orientation, political opinions, trade union memberships, information about your health, genetic and, biometric data).

The types of personal information that we collect, use, store, and transfer about you may include the following: name, title, biography, employment information, work address, telephone numbers, email address, social media profiles and pictures, website address, blog address, contact form address, pitch preferences, topics covered, location information derived from social media.

Data Security

As users of the Internet ourselves, data security is extremely important at Jona. We have implemented security measures to protect personal information collected on the Service against loss, misuse or alteration. We also have compiled a team of technologists who frequently improve Jona’s security systems and operations.

Privacy About
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