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Each of our lists contain comprehensive data points for each journalist, verified each month.

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Press Coverage

Over 300 Jona users got their story in the best of publications including Forbes and TechCrunch using our media lists.

Our AI-based engine automatically chooses contacts that are both accurate and updated. All for costs less than a tenth of what our competitors charge!


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Want to find specific journalists by keyword? Or looking for contacts in multiple countries?

Our PR experts are here to understand your request and offer the best fit for you!

About Us

Jona is an AI-powered media contact platform, a brainchild of a team of PR experts with over 10 years of individual experience each.

A part of the larger, esteemed Promotehour family of companies, Jona was built with three fundamentals: affordability, accuracy and relevance.


Privacy For Journalists

If you’re a journalist, you have full control over the curated data we display.

We follow all data compliance norms. To claim your profile and know more about our privacy procedures, click the button below.

What Our Users Say


Jona has created quite an affordable solution for DIY PR. The quality of their lists is quite high compared to alternatives and the $39 per list will save you more time (and money) than trying to compile the list yourself.

Hiten Shah


Nira and Kissmetrics


We purchased a few of Jona's media lists, and they're working phenomenally. We have meetings with Vox, Washington Post and the WSJ after using the lists.

Tommy Griffith




Jona delivered fast, and even created a new industry specific list at my request. Overall, I was very satisfied. :)

Dustin Ianotti


Artisans on Fire

You've got questions,
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How do I get access to the media lists?

Our lists are available in CSV/Excel files. Our AI-powered system automatically sends you the list after you pay. You can now utilize the media list to send out your press release to the most up-to-date and relevant journalist contacts for your business!

For any specific requests, or to gain access to our discounted bundle pricing, you can chat with us.


You need journalists from a category/country we don't feature. Can you still get access to the journalists?

Yes, absolutely! Other than our state-of-the-art AI systems, Jona is also powered by a team of PR experts having over 40+ years of cumulative experience!

You can specify any region and topic you wish to contact journalists from, and our team will create the required media list for you from scratch. This is known as our 'Custom Media List' offering.


What happens if you receive outdated data?

In case any of the journalist contacts you receive are invalid, we request you to email us at We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

This means that if you receive any invalid contacts, we will provide you their replacement for free, on priority.


How frequently are the contacts updated?

Jona uses its proprietary AI-based platform to search through thousands of articles everyday, ensuring that each journalist's data is updated regularly. This guarantees that you are reaching out to the most relevant and updated journalists for your story, whenever you want to.

Furthermore, our automated in-house QA systems verify email IDs every 48 hours. As a result, you may trust that the contacts you obtain are the most up-to-date ones available anywhere, at any given moment.


What payment options do you offer?

Currently, our website features Stripe as a payment option. Upon confirmation of payment, the media lists are sent directly to your email ID.

In case you have trouble using Stripe, we can also offer alternate payment methods to you, such as PayPal, Gumroad etc.


Can you help with PR strategy/writing my press release?

We at Jona believe that you can tell your story best - hence we only provide media contacts for now.

If you need advice about end-to-end PR campaign execution or want someone to do it for you, we highly recommend Promotehour, a stellar PR agency with a blazing track record for startups.


Are your lists legal/GDPR compliant?

Every contact data point offered by Jona is available publicly to anyone across the world. Further, we ensure that we meet data compliance rules in the regions we offer lists in. Thus, you can rest assured that the lists you are purchasing are data protection and regulation compliant, for pitching your press release.

You can read our full Data Policy here.

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